quadro 5000 2.5gb

Quatro 3D and Firepro Solutions

NVIDIA Quadro® professional solutions deliver the fastest application performance, the highest quality workstation graphics and are fully certified on all industry-leading professional applications. But raw performance and quality are only the beginning--NVIDIA Quadro takes the leading computer-aided design (CAD), digital content creation (DCC), and visualization applications to a new level of interactivity by enabling unprecedented capabilities in performance, programmability, and precision.

The ATI Firepro features ATI Eyefinity technology, 2GB of ultra high speed GDDR5 memory and more than quadruple the computational power of previous-generation products. With its large frame buffer and a full 30-bit display pipeline, the ATI FirePro V7800 is ideally suited for users who work on complex models and visual effects and need to meet the requirements of demanding visualization jobs.

Quadro FX1800 768 MB PCI-E

ATI FirePro V7800 2GB



Quadro FX3800 1.5GB PCI-E

Quadro 4000 2GB PCI-E

Quadro 5000 2.5Gb PCI-E

Quadro FX 5800 4GB PCI-E

Quadro 6000 6GB PCI-E